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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Americans spend an average of 162 minutes on their mobile device, per day.  Customers find it quicker and easier to shop or get information while using a mobile App. 

Creating a mobile App for your business can dramatically increase  brand awareness and recognition. Many of your customers look for and expect an App from your company. 

An App provides you with a competitive edge. Mobile Apps are no longer a rarity - they're now a necessity. Let us create an App showcasing your brand, your way.

The ABC's of Custom Apps

Attract Customers

Customers download your App to learn more about your business. Your App acts as your company spokesperson, 24/7.

According to a recent study, millennials spend nearly 90 hours a month using smartphone apps.  

Building a custom App, can help your business stand out in the App marketplace and attract new clients.

Brand Recognition

According to Forbes Magazine, offering your customers a Mobile App, increases customer engagement and cultivates loyalty.

Your custom designed mobile App is downloaded directly onto your customer’s device and is easily-accessible. 

Once loaded, your App serves as a constant reminder of your brand, on their mobile device's screen.

Competitive Advantage

Competition is fierce in almost every industry. You need something that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Our mission is to bring custom App development services within reach of small businesses owners, from every sector. 

Your competitors have websites, but few have their own mobile App. Get your competitive edge, by ordering your custom App today!

Your Mobile App Marketing Tool:

Amazing Photo Viewer

Smart phones and tablets with their bright high-resolution displays are perfect for viewing photos. Showcase your business with a built-in custom photo gallery.

​24/7 Brand Messenger

Today, customers expect access to your business information, all around the clock. An App delivers your brand messaging, in the ease and convenience of the palm of their hand.

​Business Details

What are your hours of operation? What is your address? How do I get there from here?  Your Mobile App is always ready to provide your customers with details like this, and a whole lot more!

Meet Your App Design Co-Pilot:

Providing Personalized Assistance Throughout:

Developing a custom App on your own can be a daunting task. Working through the paperwork, rules and regulations, simply to apply for your developer account, can take weeks. Next, you’ll need to gather all your company assets, logos, graphics, text, company details and ad copy, all before you even begin to design your App.

Your App Design Co-pilot is ready to help you navigate this complicated process to help your App arrive on-time and on-budget.  Working together this way can trim several weeks off the process and save you much frustration along the way.

W​e're Ready to Build Your App

Our Team is Ready To Bring Your Designs To Life

Design experts work closely with you to create an App that represents your brand, your way. You provide your company assets, such as your company logo, preferred color scheme, business details, location, hours of operation and more, are included in your App.

Breaking News: Apple Rejects Template “Apps”

As Apps gained in popularity, businesses sought shortcuts to producing an App. Online websites sprung up to take advantage of perceived loopholes in Apple’s App Review process. These companies offered commercialized templates and app generation services to produce a very basic “App” that looked just like thousands of others.

Recently, Apple updated the rules for their App Review process, designed to close these loopholes and raise the standards of the Apps allowed in the App Store.

Overnight, literally hundreds of thousands of Apps were removed from the App Store. Gone were poorly designed, cookie-cutter Apps based on the same template used by countless other businesses, to make identical “Apps”.  Also removed were Apps that were not kept up-to-date with the latest standards. Another trap uninformed business owners fall into when going it on their own.

250,000+ Apps Removed From The App Store

Rule 4.2.6 – “Apps created from a commerc​​​​ialized template or app generation service will be rejected."

Apple released new rules for the App Store and has put an end to do-it-yourself template sites. Over a quarter of a million companies suddenly found their ‘apps’ deleted from the App Store, leaving only the custom built, real Apps standing. Don’t get fooled by the DIY approach to Apps. We help you create a real, custom-built App, ready for the App Store, for your business.

PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS and it’s reputation by hiring us to develop a custom App to represent your brand in the App Store. You don’t want to wake up one day and find your App has suddenly disappeared.

Custom Apps Starting at $97/mo.